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A stock Jim Dunlop© CRYBABY© 535Q Wah pedal was converted to a RACK-WAH that allows the Guitar Audio to stay in the Rack and a pedal-controller mounted on the musicians pedalboard sends voltage control to allow remote control of the WAH.

The 'rig' includes the 1/2 RU rack-mount chassis, a foot controller, a 25 foot XLR cable and a power adapter.




The wah is switched on and off like from the Factory using the foot-switch in the pedal. The front panel on the rack-chassis has a 6-position Wah-Range Switch and a "Q" potentiometer.


There is also a Boost Control and Boost on-off toggle switch. The boost can also be remote controlled with a MIDI switcher through the rear-panel BOOST jack.





The circuitry is based on a Guitar Player Magazine© article by Craig Anderton.*

The design replaces the Wah potentiometer with an LDR (Light Dependant Resistor). This allows a control Voltage from the footpedal to vary the intensity of an LED in the LDR that modulates the resistance of the wah circuit.


* Guitar Player Magazine Article – (July 1985) - “Wah-Wah Pedal Retrofit” - by Craig Anderton in Electronic Guitar Column


The Control Pedal is connected to the Rack-chassis via an XLR cable connecting the Control Pedal to the Chassis XLR connector.





Stock Internal Layout and circuit boards (Pre-Mod)